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Shabd! a movie I saw last night… Was a good one! liked it… was different… The Hero in the movie is a writer who writes true stories… and the movie revolves around a story that he writes and then lives at the same time… And in the end messes up his life as well as the story as he could not decide the end… So I think I should write the end first and then maybe continue with the story… This should help me not mess up the story… 😉 jokes apart… I am seriously thinking what will I generate out of this… loads of thinking and writing… hours spent!!! At the end… end… end… I think that I should be able to justify to the people that my actions were not that cruel or insensitive or materialistic or money-minded or career-minded or just driven by passion to do something… Or I think that they should understand my perspective and don’t take me something like the HEAVY words (that I have used in the previous sentence)… Or give an explanation why I drastically changed so much? Or make them realize that how right I am and how wrong they are or vice-versa… Or set up a discussion forum to discuss and discuss and discuss… Or just keep this as a memory for myself… Or send this write up to people to earn criticism/praise/suggestions/comments… Or just keep this as a memory for myself…Honestly, I am writing this for my friends, people I am associated with and all the people who mean so much for me… So that I am able to share a perspective with them that has given me… life! an identity… self-respect… calmness… confidence to build something… a feeling that I can bridge the gap between dreams and reality… or have dreams that are still bigger, wilder, crazy and real…



Written by Swapneel Shah

October 27, 2007 at 8:06 pm

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  1. […] couple of years back, it was a different story and with a different aim… Also the intended THE END was different… Now as I migrate from Spaces to WordPress I wish to give this a broader […]

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