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How do I start??? thinking… thinking… thinking from a few days… or maybe months! A better question would be from where to start… Lets start from the beginning… Yes, it will make this write-up a LOT bigger, but then please bear it with me… You are just reading, I am writing… 😉 or rather, its not just written, its lived…So, the story starts from 1st year Engineering… Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Engineering, Staff Quarters, Baramati. Wait a minute… Why am I writing this? Lets me first try to answer this… I am writing this because, because… I want to see how have I been with people around me… What has been the reason why I miss some people that mean so much to me… And at the same time I am close to some people who equally mean so much for me… I want to find an answer to this… Though I believe that all my actions have had a decent rationale; I just want to re-consider everything… Try to see the things from a consolidated view point…

Ok so lets start the story again, yes from Staff Quarters… I entered into a world of lot of alien people with whom I had to spend 4 years! I was a reserved, excessively introvert, shy guy with a lot of inferiority complex. I didn’t knew how to talk to people, make friends, at least even mix up. Beyond that I had different eating habits, could not sleep with mosquitoes, but at the same time could not sleep with the fan on!

I used to spend most time in college and used to wonder what to do after college… I used to go to terrace stare at the stars to spend my time… I used to feel shy to ask someone to accompany me to canteen and used to miss breakfast because I used to feel awkward to go to Canteen all alone…

I had dreams… But had them just for the sake of having them… Never felt that I should have live the dreams… live life… live dreams! than just; than just have them… Never felt that I should try and bring dreams to reality… Actually didn’t knew that dreams can come to reality if one tries… Or didn’t knew there is something called dreams and reality… “Swapneel- swapsshah in dreams!” That’s what my name means -A person who lives in dreams…



Written by Swapneel Shah

October 27, 2007 at 8:07 pm

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