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My first job

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2nd November… After a job-hunt for almost 5 months, this is the day I stated my career… My 1st job… SEED infotech as Consultant… Salary Rs 3500/month… My 1st session- Prepared for 4-5 days, 3-4 mock rehearsals, 6 hrs of content… Session started we introduced each other… All the class was experienced, at least 2 yrs… and I was a fresher with ZERO experience teaching them .NET!!! still remember and can feel the heart beats; and taking sips of water frequently to keep watering my dry throat… Could not complete the 2 hr session… Though I was successful in not letting anyone guess that I was a fresher; I got to know what it takes to earn…Its been a journey with lot of un-expressible experiences; both in career and personal life… many 1st’s… many last’s… Today I truly feel the value of this small write-up that I wrote some months back… Sharing it…

“””Chennai… a red signal… a FORD… White cab… Could not see anything except a laptop screen… green signal… vehicles push ahead as fast as they can… orange-red! again the same FORD… White cab… AC… Now could see most of the inside in the sun rays that peeked in… The driver in his seat… a young guy on the back-seat… relaxed… navy blue T-shirt… The left arm on of the shirt reading “Goldman Sachs”… takes a look outside curiously for a while… and then back to his laptop… writing this!!!

Excuse me for this off-track writing… But… (to be continued)


….But could not help myself from writing all this… Please excuse me if I sounded egotist… No that sort of intentions… These lines were just a reflection of where I am today… and from where I started… In short the point is, if a average guy like Swapneel can do it, then anyone can do it!!! We just lack the instincts to do it… Never take a full-fledged effort… to the END! and if U have attempted to 100% then there is nothing to feel bad.. I still remember during my school tests when I used to feel nervous after a tough paper, mom used to say… “U took efforts to 100% so that fine… forget it…” and then I used to feel like crying…I could have studied more… could have easily did another revision of the chapters… could have re-done ‘those’ 2 chapters and that kind of problems… and that’s the point!!!

sometime down the line in time one should not feel like that if……

and this has worked for me… At least today I don’t feel “if……” for anything for the last few yrs… 4 to be precise… and I hope this continues…”””



Written by Swapneel Shah

November 2, 2007 at 8:05 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Saheb (Swapneel),

    Khara sangu ,tumcha writing wachtana pani yetta saheb dolyatun…mazehi diwas dolya samorun jatata mazya. kharach khup vait diwas hote te..kase gele dewalach mahit…nibhawalo evhada khara.

    Tumchya hya post karta mi tumcha nehmich aabhari rahil.


    September 14, 2008 at 6:51 pm

  2. @Rohan: Yep, I too will never be able to forget those days!!!

    Swapneel Shah

    October 9, 2008 at 8:25 pm

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