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Am back… would have loved to say that I “am back with a bang!”… But sadly and unfortunately that’s not the case… TODAY I got the news for which I was waiting for all these days… WRONG one!!! Heard it… eyes got wet for a second… But I did not allow the tears to drop off from the eyes… Just swallowed them off!!! and I am back to where I left… well, honestly not where I left… Just have some lines to say from Shahrukh’s movies-
Sach hai ke dil to dukha hai,
lekin humne yeh socha hai,
dil ko hai gum kyun?
aankh hai nam kyun?
hona hi hai jo hua hai…
uss baat ko jaane hi do,
jiska nishaan kal ho na ho…
-kal ho na ho

so lets just drop off this chapter with the words:
Life moves on, but memories don’t…

So here I am going with life! again… once again… 🙂
Now going back to complete some things that I left in this document…

Good morning! 🙂 Its a morning after a dark night… Was just reading what I have written until now and I think that the things are coming up good… though in bits and pieces… they still give the essence of my thoughts, that I wanted to share… Maybe will visit the stuff again after some time so that I can re-order and re-phrase some chunks so that they are better expressed… Collecting some chunks of lines from some mails that I have written in the past… They should do the talking… And I would also get some moments for recovering from the biggest set-backs in life…



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December 2, 2007 at 8:03 pm

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