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Re framing something that I wrote for a friend…

Impressed!!! I see that people use this word ‘Impressed’ with me with what I am today… (Though I honestly and strongly believe what I have tried was something I should have at this stage in life and there is NOTHING extra-ordinary that I could do or achieve)…

Well, yes Off course you feel good when someone uses ‘Impressed’ for you but I somehow don’t feel that this really makes any difference to anyone… People get impressed and then… then… thats it!!! nothing much after that… Something like that guys dressing sense is impressive… So what after that??? Maybe thats just a way to take note of something that is toooo short lived… Maybe a fraction of second!!! and then boooom… Its gone!!! Maybe people don’t even think that there can be something after that… and this is where we all fail… We get ‘impressed’ with something (sometimes very easily), i.e. we notice something, it attracts you, you feel that its good and you feel like you should be in those shoes… maybe talk about it to your neighbor… and then… then just let it go??? thats unfair!!! not to the person who has Impressed you but for the person that got impressed! and he then slips of chance to make this Impression lead to Inspiration… Like for in this example, I would also take a cautious effort to improve my dressing sense…

Most of us knowingly or unknowingly use the word inspiration when they want to say Impressed… When we are just Impressed and thats it!!! this is more fatal… and hence maybe we stay where we were… and don’t move an INCH!!!

Every time you convert an Impression to an Inspiration… It works for you!!!



Written by Swapneel Shah

March 2, 2008 at 8:01 pm

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