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HARD work OR JUST a TODO list???

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Even if does not be a good blog entry, maybe I now have a answer to my friends sms that he sent me 26th Sept 2006… too late to reply him, but better late than never…

“””One of my friends sent me a sms that read-
“Sometimes the road traveled turns out to be more beautiful than the destination reached. Enjoy leading your life no matter what it turns out to be.”

(to be continued…)

Continuing… after almost 2 yrs…

This was meant to highlight me ‘working HARD’ and not enjoying my life as it came; and he enjoying his life without thinking of the future… And I was not able to explain him that this was the most important phase of his life, and he should ‘work HARD’ here… If he failed here, things would get beyond correction and he would have see the effects the whole life… And today after almost 2 yrs. after this sms unfortunately for my friend this has come out to be true… 😦

OK, now let me get back to the topic… ‘TODO list’ OR ‘HARD work’…

– again going back to school, mom used to always say ki do ‘some’ studies and then play… And I never did that.
– in college time, the university gave us 6 months to study 5 subjects, and I never even studied for 6 days in the whole semester.
– in office life I am supposed to work 40 hrs a week… I also fill in those time sheets… But do I really work those hrs? chatting, emailing , forwards, mobile-phone, surfing Internet, reading articles, http://www.moneycontrol.com, breakfast-lunch-afternoon-coffee breaks, etc. etc. and on top of that I even get a Sat-Sun off!!!

the point I want to make here is very simple… Its very easy-

……… Continued on Page 2


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