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The maiden solo Gold and Oneself

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Abhinav Bindra won the first individual gold for India!!!”

I have been seeing, from the last week so many points written and said, exchanged, emphasized, highlighted, criticized, editorials, TV journalists, experts, sports personalities, etc. etc. I too want to chip in with my one cent… 😉 With all these things which most of us have read, heard, seen, talked, and even quarreled; its been more of what the government should do, what the sports committee should do, what this entity should do, what that entity should do, what a sports aspirant should do, etc… etc… I didn’t find a single article that said what should I do… Trying to find the answer to this…

So what should I do??? I am young at the moment… I can take efforts… Can study more, work hard and earn job in a better company… I can go for PG… Right now even if I sleep for 6 hrs. that is good enough… I can go for night-out once a week easily! etc… etc… And what is stopping me? I have good family background… I have good friends… I am financially okok… I have reasonable resources available…

Its even not like I have to drive my home… or I am the only financial support for my family… or I have the responsibility of my sisters marriage on my head… or I am physically disabled… or My dad is a drinker and comes home late nights… or My mom is seriously ill, and I have to take care of her all the time…

And this applies to everything, right from career to hobbies to sports to spiritual things!!!

We have all the things… And they are so good… very good… all the facilities and privileges… Sometimes I think do we really deserve all these things??? do we???

One does not have have to drive these things forcefully… they just happen… One just needs to realize and feel them…. dream them… U enjoy… Enjoy each moment!!! You don’t feel that you are taking efforts, slogging, struggle, etc. U love it… U live it… U live every moment of it!!! and then start ignoring external factors… your financial level, your expertise, your potential, what you have and what you don’t have, and finally forget them!!! Maybe then the journey becomes more important destination…

Have you seen IQBAL??? If not, see it… If yes, see it again… Feel the passion, feel the zest!!! When the aashayein…song started the 1st time I was seeing the movie, I literally got up from my bed to run with Iqbal… Even today when I listen to the song, I automatically get charged up… When IQBAL closes his eyes inside his hay hide-out, even a deaf guy can hear the roars of crowd… can smell the fragrance of the pitch…

On a actual note – These things are good to hear, see and read… Criticizing people, pointing figures, etc. are enjoyed even better!!! Oneself does not want to do anything, just crib and cry… And take a few -ve or +ve examples and start talking… If its school teacher not teaching good being a reason for your failure, your college not being recognized reason for you working in a average company, etc… etc… far far, far away from Abhinav bindra’s Road to Beijing



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