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Mumbai Pune Volvo Travel…

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Mumbai… A Friday evening… As usual I was waiting for a bus to Pune at Vashi… Usually I prefer to travel via the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus, but looking at most of them completely full by the time they reached Vashi, I moved my attention towards a typical Mumbai-Pune Volvo bus… While I was paying the agreed ticket amount to the co-driver, the bus moved… So I knew the bus is full, and I have to occupy the back seats… As the bus made its move and the lights went dim… Half-blind in the dim light I tried to move fast; holding bag in one hand and managing my laptop on the other shoulder… It was was like walking blind in between the rows in a movie theater to reach your seat… The movies has already started, theater is dark and you can see almost nothing!!! As I neared the last seats, my bag had a hit with the legs of a female, who was sitting somewhat unusual on the second last row… I looked up amazed…

Irritated with the dashing on her legs, we four (me, my bag, female and male on the adjoining seat) exchanged few ‘looks’… A short pause… That was definitely a silly way to sit in a bus… But then I generously offered a formal ‘excuse me’ from my side as she made way for my bag and then me… Surprisingly all the 5 seats on the last row were empty… I pushed my bag under the seat, took the corner seat behind the couple, and promptly gave one seat to my laptop… I was quick to close the AC ducts, arranged my seat and called up home to inform mom that I have started and will reach home by 10, 10:30… I was Exhausted by the whole days work and then the 1.5 hrs travel from Andheri to Vashi… With a fully planned hectic weekend ahead and a totally unknown movie playing, I made my mind and slept almost instantly…

Felt that the bus has halted near the Panvel toll plaza and moving helpless in the queue; I got up disturbed from sleep… Didn’t open my eyes… Was just sitting… A strange sound… Was that a kiss??? Another… I was like… Ummm… well… Whats happening??? Confused… What kinda movie is this??? Opened my eyes and got up straight… TV was playing something else.. And to my surprise the couple was actually kissing each other!!! And again… ohh, well… The women in her late 20s… Still sitting sideways… or rather sleeping resting sideways on the male, guess around the same age… The male’s seat was more slanting than the female one… So that the female could rest easily on the wall of the bus and the male’s chest… The male holding the female in his arms…

I was out of sleep in a flash!!!

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  1. cant believe this couple??!! hope u didnt see any nightmare or something like?? what a shit man..why we copy these foreigners attitude? india has everything, when it accpets to live as indian, cultural and traditional..


    January 22, 2009 at 12:20 pm

  2. It is good that the society is becoming more transparent to natural behaviors. For many years we have been self censoring ourselves for the fear of… whats that, society? How much do people know how liberal India was a thousand years ago! That’s Indian culture in its originality, and we are not copying foreigners, they copied us.


    February 10, 2009 at 7:18 pm

  3. @Priti: Well, that was not less than a nightmare… Especially the way it ended!!!

    @Priyank: Well, maybe we were liberal… Or infact we are… But I don’t think natural behavior would mean I go out doing anything and everything on each chance I get… Loyalty-love-relationships are important…

    Swapneel Shah

    February 13, 2009 at 6:34 pm

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