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Swapneel– a name that revolves around dreams… and somehow I too like to live in dreams…



An average guy down the street… Simple person with simple thoughts… Feel good spending time pencil shading, traveling, experiencing, clicking snaps, interacting with people, love sharing my thoughts and perspectives and equally love to listen back from others and try to understand their views…

Writing more about oneself is difficult, so taking help of a chat that I had with one of my very good friend-

Friend: kutte
Friend: kamine
Friend: aur koi gali bakta bhi nahin hu tere ko ..isleye ruk jaana padta hai
Swapneel Shah: 🙂
Swapneel Shah: The only thing that I want to earn money for… jab bhi lagon ke liye kuch karana ho, doston ke liye, family ke liye… kabhi, koi limitation na aaye…
Swapneel Shah: Now I want to come and see U, want to go and meet *** (not ***) at ***… par jana mushkil ho jata hai… terese milane aane ki to main soch bhi nahi sakata…
Swapneel Shah: ab *** ko bhi 30 ghante train mein safar karke jana pada…
Swapneel Shah: shayad plane se jaldi jati to ghar pe *** ki treatment jaldi kar pati…
Swapneel Shah: bas yahi karana hai muze jindagi mein, ki main is position mein aau…
Swapneel Shah: baki paise, entreprenuership, MBA, etc etc. sab ‘sadhan’ hai… aur kuch nahi….
Swapneel Shah: kabhi bahut sara paisa kamane ka, ya apane upar kharch karana ka dil nahi kiya…
Friend: clean bowled …boss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mazak nahin hai yeh
Swapneel Shah: matlab???
Friend: impressed by ur thoughts
Swapneel Shah: ok… chod… kuch jyada hi philosophical ho gaya…
Friend: yahi taklif hai tere sath…..
Swapneel Shah: kya???
Friend: abe ismein philosophical kya ?
Swapneel Shah: log to yahi kehte hai…
Friend: logo ki tho maa ki….. (�;)(�&$(&�
Friend: kher….
[The text marked in bold is what I want to highlight, rest lines are only for buildup!]

…And that’s me and my philosophy of life!!!



Written by Swapneel Shah

August 2, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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  1. Great philosophy 🙂
    What did ^&*%&$%^#$# mean?? lol


    August 26, 2008 at 6:33 pm

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