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Bangalore Pune on bike in a single day!!!

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17 x 1 = 17
17 x 2 = 34
17 x 3 = 51

17 x 10 = 170

Mind is alert! 🙂

Move left toe, left shoulder, left hand fingers…
Move right toe, right shoulder, right hand fingers…

Body doing ok! 🙂

It was around 7 hours I had been riding continuesly… And it was going to be another 10-12 hours of continous drive to Pune… We both (me and my Suzuki GS 150R) were doing good… The additional overdrive 6th gear was helping me hover around 80kmpr at a comfortable 6000rpm… Morning time went by fresh, quick and yet comfortable… So far so good… I knew it was now that the real test starts!!!

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April 20, 2012 at 10:16 am

Statement Of Purpose (SOP), submitted at PUMBA.

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Sharing the Statement Of Purpose (SOP), submitted at PUMBA

“With business family background, diverse industry experience along with freelancing and building products as academic projects; I have developed a natural instinct towards Entrepreneurship.

It all started from childhood. Those were difficult days to start business in a rented small room, virtually zero capital, no prior experience and even no clients to start with. We did everything right from cleaning, loading and unloading 50-100 units of 25kg Paint bags to finding new clients and managing each Rupee very carefully. I had the privilege of learning the importance of immense hard work, saving on each and every opportunity and building reputation as we grow.

It was a natural option to join family business directly but since I was a bright student in academics at school; I continued academics to complete Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Pune University with First Class. As part of academic projects my team successfully developed two products which won awards at inter-college and intra-college levels. We participated into Business Plan competitions at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Mumbai and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Ahmadabad showcasing the potential of our final year project Radio TrackIt- Computer based Radio.

Upon completion of graduation I grouped together with few like minded friends to form a freelancing team- www.softusvista.com. We completed projects for Indian and European clients. I then accepted a job at Patni Computer Systems Limited, Mumbai and started my career as a Software Engineer. I was awarded with a “Letter of Appreciation” each year, recognizing my performance at the firm. I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer within 18 months as I lead a team of 9 people comprising of 2 senior developers, 5 developers and 2 test engineers. Our team was conferred upon with “Team Award”. Further I joined Goldman Sachs, Bangalore. Here I was exposed to Enterprise Application Development in financial services domain. I was deputed to visit New York (USA) and London (UK) offices to meet global teams to develop contacts and team relationships. I was successful in building confidence with global Counterparts and bringing back work to India office to pioneer a new team at Bangalore office. We started as a support team and then gradually replaced the London team completely. Bangalore team now partners with New York team for Global Support. Successful in bringing down the costs by 70% for the firm, we could get Bangalore team’s contribution recognized in a global firm like Goldman Sachs.

Apart from concentrating on my career I have also traveled to different parts of India, completed two high altitude treks in Himalayas, clicked more than 3,500 photographs capturing memories  and experiences http://www.picasaweb.google.com/swapsshah, within two years my blog has got more than 10,000 hits https://swapsshah.wordpress.com; the most recent adventure was solo-biking from Bangalore to Pune non-stop covering the distance of 890 km. in 16.5 hours in a single day!

Strong academics, visits to Global Financial Capitals in America and Europe, opportunity to work with team members across the globe from diverse cultures, and above all sense of business on a global level has helped me built my career so far. To achieve the ultimate goal of Entrepreneurship in a broader and larger way, I feel the need to learn more on Business Development and Execution before I venture into new opportunities. PUMBA (Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune) Executive MBA program suits me the best as I can continue with my job and empower myself to get into a business venture. I got a chance to talk with the students of the program and faculty members when I visited the campus few weeks back. The interaction gave me a sense of diversity of students that PUMBA attracts; unlike other institutes that have majority Software percentage, Pune being an IT hub.”

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June 15, 2010 at 7:37 am


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I too wanted to start and finish the Rajasthan Trip writeups in one shot… So for those who were expecting something on the same lines, am sorry to disappoint… In the last few days-weeks as I have cut down on mails, chats, phone and friends; and much more including job (Unknowingly earlier and later deliberately)… Thinking and thinking on recent and recent-past developments in life and where and how to go ahead with what’s in life as Next… I came across this writeup lyeing in drafts from long time… I know this was a bit too philosophical me…  😉 Anyways, Publishing it-

Sharing something I wrote to a friend long back…

“Bas basics mein problem hai!!!”

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August 18, 2009 at 3:05 pm

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The maiden solo Gold and Oneself

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Abhinav Bindra won the first individual gold for India!!!”

I have been seeing, from the last week so many points written and said, exchanged, emphasized, highlighted, criticized, editorials, TV journalists, experts, sports personalities, etc. etc. I too want to chip in with my one cent… 😉 With all these things which most of us have read, heard, seen, talked, and even quarreled; its been more of what the government should do, what the sports committee should do, what this entity should do, what that entity should do, what a sports aspirant should do, etc… etc… I didn’t find a single article that said what should I do… Trying to find the answer to this…

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Hello WordPress!

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When I started writing a few lines on paper/wordpad couple of years back, it was a different story and with a different aim… Also the intended THE END was different… Now as I migrate from Spaces to WordPress I wish to give this a broader spectrum…

Now let me import all my previous blog entries from Spaces to WordPress.


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August 2, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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The start…

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How do I start??? thinking… thinking… thinking from a few days… or maybe months! A better question would be from where to start… Lets start from the beginning… Yes, it will make this write-up a LOT bigger, but then please bear it with me… You are just reading, I am writing… 😉 or rather, its not just written, its lived…So, the story starts from 1st year Engineering… Vidya Pratishthan’s College of Engineering, Staff Quarters, Baramati. Wait a minute… Why am I writing this? Lets me first try to answer this… I am writing this because, because… I want to see how have I been with people around me… What has been the reason why I miss some people that mean so much to me… And at the same time I am close to some people who equally mean so much for me… I want to find an answer to this… Though I believe that all my actions have had a decent rationale; I just want to re-consider everything… Try to see the things from a consolidated view point…

Ok so lets start the story again, yes from Staff Quarters… I entered into a world of lot of alien people with whom I had to spend 4 years! I was a reserved, excessively introvert, shy guy with a lot of inferiority complex. I didn’t knew how to talk to people, make friends, at least even mix up. Beyond that I had different eating habits, could not sleep with mosquitoes, but at the same time could not sleep with the fan on!

I used to spend most time in college and used to wonder what to do after college… I used to go to terrace stare at the stars to spend my time… I used to feel shy to ask someone to accompany me to canteen and used to miss breakfast because I used to feel awkward to go to Canteen all alone…

I had dreams… But had them just for the sake of having them… Never felt that I should have live the dreams… live life… live dreams! than just; than just have them… Never felt that I should try and bring dreams to reality… Actually didn’t knew that dreams can come to reality if one tries… Or didn’t knew there is something called dreams and reality… “Swapneel- swapsshah in dreams!” That’s what my name means -A person who lives in dreams…


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October 27, 2007 at 8:07 pm

The end…

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Shabd! a movie I saw last night… Was a good one! liked it… was different… The Hero in the movie is a writer who writes true stories… and the movie revolves around a story that he writes and then lives at the same time… And in the end messes up his life as well as the story as he could not decide the end… So I think I should write the end first and then maybe continue with the story… This should help me not mess up the story… 😉 jokes apart… I am seriously thinking what will I generate out of this… loads of thinking and writing… hours spent!!! At the end… end… end… I think that I should be able to justify to the people that my actions were not that cruel or insensitive or materialistic or money-minded or career-minded or just driven by passion to do something… Or I think that they should understand my perspective and don’t take me something like the HEAVY words (that I have used in the previous sentence)… Or give an explanation why I drastically changed so much? Or make them realize that how right I am and how wrong they are or vice-versa… Or set up a discussion forum to discuss and discuss and discuss… Or just keep this as a memory for myself… Or send this write up to people to earn criticism/praise/suggestions/comments… Or just keep this as a memory for myself…Honestly, I am writing this for my friends, people I am associated with and all the people who mean so much for me… So that I am able to share a perspective with them that has given me… life! an identity… self-respect… calmness… confidence to build something… a feeling that I can bridge the gap between dreams and reality… or have dreams that are still bigger, wilder, crazy and real…


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October 27, 2007 at 8:06 pm