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I too wanted to start and finish the Rajasthan Trip writeups in one shot… So for those who were expecting something on the same lines, am sorry to disappoint… In the last few days-weeks as I have cut down on mails, chats, phone and friends; and much more including job (Unknowingly earlier and later deliberately)… Thinking and thinking on recent and recent-past developments in life and where and how to go ahead with what’s in life as Next… I came across this writeup lyeing in drafts from long time… I know this was a bit too philosophical me…  😉 Anyways, Publishing it-

Sharing something I wrote to a friend long back…

“Bas basics mein problem hai!!!”

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August 18, 2009 at 3:05 pm

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Chikki ghya… chikki… … Lonavala chi Chikki…

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Chikki (Strawberry flavor)

I was sleeping… or well actually trying to sleep on the top berth of my compartment… It was raining steady outside… And I was shivering inside… Somehow the chaddar was not providing enough warmth… I heard the train leaving Lonavala Station… The irritating noise of on-station hawkers faded, and things were going calm… Could listen only to the helpless slow movements of the train in the Ghats now… And occasionally some in-train sellers… … …

Chikki ghya… Chikki… … Lonavala chi Chikki…” (Have some Chikki… Chikki… Lonavala’s Chikki…)

[Chikki is a traditional ready-to-eat Indian sweet made usually from groundnuts\sesame seeds\dry fruits\Coconut and jaggery.]

Didn’t sound like a regular seller… I gave a cautions ear…

“Chikki ghya… Chikki… Lonavala chi Chikki…”

Sounded like a old trembling voice… female… pause…

“Chikki ghya… Chikki… Lonavala chi Chikki…”

This time a bit firm voice… Looked like she took a deep breath for this sale call… I turned and then took a peek out from my Chaddar…

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Team B and swapsshah... We won the 2nd prize... (Community Teamworks 2008)

Team B and swapsshah... We won the 2nd prize... (Community Teamworks 2008)

Karunashraya -a hospice center for terminal cancer Patients… located in Bangalore is a Public Charitable Trust of the Indian Cancer Society and Rotary Club of Bangalore Indiranagar

I got the opportunity to visit this place and spend two days of my life. My first expectation was to see a general government Hospital kinda environment, but in actual it was a very well maintained, clean and caring place… It is a very touchy place that believes in “There maybe a limit for cure but there is no limit for care…” We went there to give a change to the the staff who takes care for the patients… The staff on daily basis see a lot of deaths and suffering… ( the highest number of deaths at this place in a day is 11!!!) Read the rest of this entry »

HARD work OR JUST a TODO list???

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Even if does not be a good blog entry, maybe I now have a answer to my friends sms that he sent me 26th Sept 2006… too late to reply him, but better late than never…

“””One of my friends sent me a sms that read-
“Sometimes the road traveled turns out to be more beautiful than the destination reached. Enjoy leading your life no matter what it turns out to be.”

(to be continued…)

Continuing… after almost 2 yrs…

This was meant to highlight me ‘working HARD’ and not enjoying my life as it came; and he enjoying his life without thinking of the future… And I was not able to explain him that this was the most important phase of his life, and he should ‘work HARD’ here… If he failed here, things would get beyond correction and he would have see the effects the whole life… And today after almost 2 yrs. after this sms unfortunately for my friend this has come out to be true… 😦

OK, now let me get back to the topic… ‘TODO list’ OR ‘HARD work’…

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My first Salary…

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Today I received a bonus and thoughts ran down back to my 1st salary… Hummm… Everyone knows what the 1st salary means for an individual… It also meant so much for me… So many things keep on rolling in your mind as you see the money deposited in your account… Pulling out a mail from my Patni .pst that I wrote to a friend when he got his 1st salary in Aug 2006. It reflects my feelings when I got my 1st salary… It also has reflections of my recent past when I wrote this mail…

Sharing it with you-

“My memory of 1st salary… 9,849… everyone in my batch of 40 people who joined Patni Computer Systems Ltd. with me were enjoying… (In their own ways)… I was dormant… cool, unmoved… Read the rest of this entry »

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January 7, 2008 at 8:02 pm

My first job

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2nd November… After a job-hunt for almost 5 months, this is the day I stated my career… My 1st job… SEED infotech as Consultant… Salary Rs 3500/month… My 1st session- Prepared for 4-5 days, 3-4 mock rehearsals, 6 hrs of content… Session started we introduced each other… All the class was experienced, at least 2 yrs… and I was a fresher with ZERO experience teaching them .NET!!! still remember and can feel the heart beats; and taking sips of water frequently to keep watering my dry throat… Could not complete the 2 hr session… Though I was successful in not letting anyone guess that I was a fresher; I got to know what it takes to earn…Its been a journey with lot of un-expressible experiences; both in career and personal life… many 1st’s… many last’s… Today I truly feel the value of this small write-up that I wrote some months back… Sharing it… Read the rest of this entry »

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November 2, 2007 at 8:05 pm