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Mumbai Pune Volvo Travel…

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Mumbai… A Friday evening… As usual I was waiting for a bus to Pune at Vashi… Usually I prefer to travel via the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus, but looking at most of them completely full by the time they reached Vashi, I moved my attention towards a typical Mumbai-Pune Volvo bus… While I was paying the agreed ticket amount to the co-driver, the bus moved… So I knew the bus is full, and I have to occupy the back seats… As the bus made its move and the lights went dim… Half-blind in the dim light I tried to move fast; holding bag in one hand and managing my laptop on the other shoulder… It was was like walking blind in between the rows in a movie theater to reach your seat… The movies has already started, theater is dark and you can see almost nothing!!! As I neared the last seats, my bag had a hit with the legs of a female, who was sitting somewhat unusual on the second last row… I looked up amazed…

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Goa, calangute beach, 9**** *****, 1000 bucks, whole night, above 18!

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Be a MAN. Respect women.

Be a MAN. Respect women.

While we were roaming around on calangute beach in Goa, a stranger walked towards us and handed a small chit with phone number written on it to my friend… 9**** *****… Confused, I was seeing what was happening… He started… ‘All Night… only 1000!!! whole night… No problem Sir…’

My friend denied the offer right away and tried to hand over the chit back… But the stranger insisted on us keeping the chit and take our time to decide… “Nahi sir, aaram se call karana, no tension… above 18 hai…” (Take your time, no hurry… The girls are above 18… so no tension… Please call at leisure)

I was shocked and taken back!!!!!! Had heard of these things happening, but I guess it was 1st time I was experiencing it… I felt very uncomfortable with the very thought of a young girl ready to sleep with any/all of us…

This reminds me of something that I experienced and felt sometime when I used to travel between Mumbai and Pune by train… I think it was Chennai Express, General Boogie… I managed to get in the still halting train ahead of others and promptly grabbed the window seat… Karjat… Khandala-Lonavala ghat starts… It was dark and quite cold outside… The cool breeze coming in, I got up to answer the natures call…As I walked towards the Toilet, I saw a family occupying the toilet area and the exit passage… Feeling irritated of the way the family was sitting-sleeping I made it to the toilet… Flushed, came out… thought of standing by the exit door for some time to enjoy the cool breeze… Again with some more irritation; this time with some muttering, but taking care that I don’t hit anyone in the way, I made it to the door…

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