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Mumbai Pune Volvo Travel…

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Mumbai… A Friday evening… As usual I was waiting for a bus to Pune at Vashi… Usually I prefer to travel via the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus, but looking at most of them completely full by the time they reached Vashi, I moved my attention towards a typical Mumbai-Pune Volvo bus… While I was paying the agreed ticket amount to the co-driver, the bus moved… So I knew the bus is full, and I have to occupy the back seats… As the bus made its move and the lights went dim… Half-blind in the dim light I tried to move fast; holding bag in one hand and managing my laptop on the other shoulder… It was was like walking blind in between the rows in a movie theater to reach your seat… The movies has already started, theater is dark and you can see almost nothing!!! As I neared the last seats, my bag had a hit with the legs of a female, who was sitting somewhat unusual on the second last row… I looked up amazed…

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My first Salary…

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Today I received a bonus and thoughts ran down back to my 1st salary… Hummm… Everyone knows what the 1st salary means for an individual… It also meant so much for me… So many things keep on rolling in your mind as you see the money deposited in your account… Pulling out a mail from my Patni .pst that I wrote to a friend when he got his 1st salary in Aug 2006. It reflects my feelings when I got my 1st salary… It also has reflections of my recent past when I wrote this mail…

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“My memory of 1st salary… 9,849… everyone in my batch of 40 people who joined Patni Computer Systems Ltd. with me were enjoying… (In their own ways)… I was dormant… cool, unmoved… Read the rest of this entry »

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January 7, 2008 at 8:02 pm