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Mumbai Pune Volvo Travel…

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Mumbai… A Friday evening… As usual I was waiting for a bus to Pune at Vashi… Usually I prefer to travel via the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation bus, but looking at most of them completely full by the time they reached Vashi, I moved my attention towards a typical Mumbai-Pune Volvo bus… While I was paying the agreed ticket amount to the co-driver, the bus moved… So I knew the bus is full, and I have to occupy the back seats… As the bus made its move and the lights went dim… Half-blind in the dim light I tried to move fast; holding bag in one hand and managing my laptop on the other shoulder… It was was like walking blind in between the rows in a movie theater to reach your seat… The movies has already started, theater is dark and you can see almost nothing!!! As I neared the last seats, my bag had a hit with the legs of a female, who was sitting somewhat unusual on the second last row… I looked up amazed…

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